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Are you in the aircraft parts business?

Do you service aircraft or have the need for aircraft parts information?

If the answer is 'yes', you need Avref!

Looking for a Micro Switch part number 1CH1-6? Avref will show you which airframe vendor sells it for $116.00 and which vendor charges $152.00 for the same part!

If you need to find a Piper part number 463-160, did you know that you could also be looking for a Woodward part number 210590?

Are you selling surplus or salvage inventory using an old price catalog for reference? Avref tracked an airframe part that went from a list price of $550.00 to $5837.00 in just a short two months!

Buying or selling aircraft parts without using Avref is costing you money! Lots of money!

Take a look inside to see what Avref can do for you!
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